Switching It Up

About two weeks ago, I sent in a video submission to the National Student exchange to be considered for a position as a "brand ambassador". The position sounds a lot fancier than it is: essentially the brand ambassadors are given a prompt every week that they will then vlog about.
To make a long story short, I got the position and am here to share my first ever vlog about what I'm doing here and why I chose NSE:

This is my first foray into vlogging and video editing (probably pretty obvious, but if you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know), but I'm pretty happy with it! There will be other videos coming soon and the National Student Exchange will be using some of my footage to create a larger video with all participants' answers to this week's prompt if you're interested in seeing more video from Hilo.


  1. The video was awesome! I am glad you are loving your classes and it sounds like you have already learned so much! I am excited to continue to watch your exchange. -Jess UofSC NSE Grad Assistant


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