Why does this website exist? Who is this person? What does the title mean?
All questions you may be asking yourself--I'm glad you asked

The University of Hawaii at Hilo: My Destination

Who is this person?
I'm Hannah! I write many things including this blog. An undergraduate English and History double major at the University of South Carolina, a member of the Carolina Band, and a resident of Baltimore, I'm about to be embarking on (probably) the biggest adventure of my life: living in Hawaii for the next five months. I'm nervous, excited, and a little bit in awe that this is happening to me.


Why does this website exist?
I want to document my time in Hawaii. I want a place to update my friends and family, photo-dump, but also ask (and hopefully answer) some important questions: what does someone actually need when they plan to live in Hawaii? What's it like to move from the east coast to a pacific island? How do you stay in a committed long distance relationship when you're thousands of miles apart? How much fresh fruit can one human possibly consume? I actually (and somewhat embarrassingly) had a blog in middle and early high school so I'm excited to pick up where I left off. 

What does the title mean?
That's the exact number of miles between my house/family and where I'll be in Hawaii.

What are some more random facts about Hannah that no one asked for?
Favorite book? As I Lay Dying. Favorite animal? American Bison. Favorite food? Partial to grilled cheese OR popcorn. What do you want to be when you grow up? My history major is focused in Native American history so I'd like to pursue that in a grad school setting and that's as far as I've thought ahead. Favorite song of all time? "This Must Be The Place" by the Talking Heads.

More questions?
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