Missing Home(s)

Another week, another video. This week's topic was differences between your home campus and host campus. Moving to South Carolina was difficult for me: the culture shock was unexpected and hit me really hard. I was a little more prepared emotionally for Hawai'i, but you can never really be prepared until you're there. 

One thing though (and I mention this in the video) is that I've realized how much of a home I've made for myself at USC. I'm having so much fun here, but I'm so lucky that I have something to look forward to in the fall. One last fall semester full of Saturdays at Willy B, late night homework frenzies, and some of my favorite people in the whole world. That's not what this video is about, but I'm happy I feel that way and I have a place to talk about it.


  1. Hi Hannah! Love that you acknowledge your homesickness from USC, but you are still loving your experience in Hawaii. Looks like you are continuing to have an amazing experience. Looking forward to reading more about Hawaii! -Jess UofSC Grad Assistant


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