Ah yes...that
That thing I'm actually here to do

This first week of classes has been a whirlwind: class in the morning, adventures around the island with my dad in the afternoon, homework, pass out in an exhaustive coma so I can wake up and restart the cycle. I'm lucky that my dad has been around to help me settle in and make sure I have everything I need--it's been awesome just exploring the island with him. Some highlights from our in-between-class excursions (photo-dump incoming):


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert in Waimea. They're a 25-year-old swing band with some of the best musicians I've ever seen in my life


Sunset from the slopes of Mauna Kea

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

Waipi'o Valley

Rainbow Falls

Akaka Falls


The wind at Southpoint causes trees to grow this way

Structures at Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park

As for class itself, I think I'm in love. I cannot believe how much I've already learned in just a few classes. I'm incredibly engaged because I'm constantly challenged by how behind I am on my basic knowledge of Hawaiian language/history/culture. My knowledge has to be built from the ground up, but I'm excited and motivated to go through that process. My east coast background and training is basically irrelevant and that's simultaneously surprising and exactly why I wanted to be in this environment.

However, my dad is leaving tonight (making his 4761 mile journey home) and I'm kind of terrified. I don't feel like I've been clicking a whole lot with the other exchange students or with my roommate and I just feel lonely. Like this deep cosmic alone-ness, especially once my friends and family back east are all asleep and I'm in my dorm for the night. Obviously, I'm putting unnecessary pressure on myself to make amazing friends immediately, but it's all still terrifying for me. More to come on how I do with actually saying goodbye to my dad tomorrow..

Goals for this week:

  1. Meet someone new
  2. Go to the gym every day
  3. Ride the Hele On (the bus that circulates the Big Island)