Dorm Life

It's been about two years since I last lived in a dorm and while I miss having a kitchen and being able to make my own meals, I'm loving the convenience of being so centrally located.

Plus, that's my view from my front door. It's a pretty sweet deal...

My trademark photo wall was, of course, essential

 In my closet, you can get a glimpse of all the Hawaiian shirts/dresses I brought (more about that later). If you look on top you'll see some 2-liter coke bottles my dad bought while he was here and never finished

I know the photos are on the dark side, but we keep our windows open so the room usually gets a lot of natural light. It's pretty spacious as far as dorm rooms go and the bathroom we share with our next door neighbor is also big for a dorm bathroom. It's been a lovely place to live so far and I adore being able to wake up 20 minutes before my morning classes start.

Settling in has been going well too. Yesterday, I took a walk in the forest behind our dorm (beautifully pictured above) and found the perfect spot for a hammock! I set up shop and did some homework there for a few hours.

Beyond that, I've been working on getting my open water scuba certification, getting my work done, and taking care of myself: something we all sometimes forget to do.

Goals for the week:

  1. Actually ride the Hele-On (now that I've sort of got a basic understanding, it's time to actually try it out)
  2. Do something with a new friend
  3. Turn in my first UHH paper!!!